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Loslaten met Kundalini Yoga

Bijgewerkt op: 26 nov. 2017

De energie van de herfst helpt je te reflecteren op alles wat je de afgelopen tijd gevoed hebt. Wat heb je bereikt? Wat is niet tot bloei gekomen? Wat moet je loslaten? De Gunpati Meditatie uit de Kundalini yoga kan helpen bij het proces van loslaten.

“Letting go doesn’t mean you lose everything. It actually means you gain everything. At a very physical level, letting go can be quite an emotional experience. But when you pay close attention to the tiny threads of energy linked with letting go, you find a freedom and a positive momentum that helps you attract everything in your life that’s necessary for you to achieve your highest good in each moment.”

Kundalini Yoga acts as a mirror. It reflects where we are on our path, acknowledges our strengths, and supports us as we journey to light up and grow in our areas of weakness. Each day, when we sit on our mats, tune in, and connect to our highest self, we are committing to that loving reflection. We are making the choice through our commitments to choose love and experience new ways of being. Sometimes this involves letting go.

The act of letting go can tap into our fear programming that says when we let go, we have nothing. There is very little truth in that fear. When we let go of our grip on people, places, and situations, we release the chords of attachment and merge into a space of neutrality and non-attachment, where we are available to receive through our experience.

Holding on leaves little room for new manifestations and creations to blossom. When we hold on, we create energetic boundaries that say “No thank you!” to new ideas and inspiration.

Through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan graciously provided us with thousands of meditations to help us release old ways of creating unhealthy attachments and clear energy, karma, and patterns that no longer serve us.

One of the many meditations you can do for 40 days to help you let go and heal is the Gunpati Meditation. This meditation will help reroute your mental pathways, renew your mind to heal the discordant energy, and make way for everything that you could ever ask for in your life.

To Begin: Sit in Easy Pose with the eyes 1/10th open while concentrating at the Third Eye Point. Rest the wrists on the knees, with hands in Gyan Mudra.


Part I: Chant the mantra on a single breath, as you press the fingertips sequentially with each syllable to the thumb. Use a monotone voice similar to when you do Kirtan Kriya.

Time: Continue for 11-62 minutes.

Part II: Inhale deeply and hold the breath. Move the body in a slow twist and stretch motion. Move each muscle of the body. Move the head, torso, arms, back, belly, and hands. Then exhale powerfully. Repeat this 3-5 times.

Part III: Immediately sit straight. Look at the tip of the nose and become totally calm and still. Meditate for 2-3 minutes.

To End: Inhale and hold the breath for 30 seconds as you physically move and rotate your body as if it is going through spasms. Move and squeeze every muscle. Repeat this 3 more times. Then inhale, sit calmly, and concentrate on the tip of your nose for 20 seconds. Exhale, and relax.

This kriya allows you to let go of attachments to the mind and the impact of past actions, so you can create and live a fulfilled life and a perfect future.

Learn to let go of all that you are holding on to. Wait and see what the universe will provide for you. You never know, it might be even better than what you didn’t want to let go.

Let it go. Let life flow to you and give you everything your big heart desires.

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